The unique alkaline waters in the Chulym basin (West Siberia)

S. L. Shvartsev, O. E. Lepokurova

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This report presents the results of studies of the ionic-saline and isotope composition of the unique, quite fresh, and high-alkaline waters (0.25–0.6 g/l salinity and pH 9.1–10.3) occurring within sedimentary rocks, as well as data on the calculations of equilibriums in the water-rock system. In view of these data, the concept was developed for the formation of fresh high-alkaline waters being not associated with igneous rocks. According to this concept, the water composition as such is formed at a definite stage of the development of the water-sedimentary rock system when all the chemical elements transferring to a solution may form secondary mineral products with no concentrating in the aqueous solution. The salinity of this latter does not increase, and yet the interaction with the rock is continued and, hence, the alkalinity increases.

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