The technique of determining background and extreme values of hydrogeochemical parameters

Oleg G. Savichev, Nguen Van Luyen

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The relevance of the research is caused by the necessity of objective definition of background and extreme hydrogeochemical parame- ters both at geochemical searches of minerals, and at estimation of a geoecological condition of water objects and their basins. The techniques, which are applied, are based on use of methods of mathematical statistics and probability theory, but they are insufficient- ly proved from the point of view of physical sense of researched processes. Therefore, in some cases the volume and cost of field and laboratory works grow without adequate increase in efficiency of researches. The aim of the research is to develop and substantiate a technique of determining the background and extreme values of hydrogeo- chemical parameters on the basis of the analysis of interrelations between a water runoff and chemical composition of waters. Methods of the research: geography-hydrological and statistical methods, methods of chemical thermodynamics. Results and conclusions. The authors have analyzed the interrelations between hydrogeochemical and hydrological parameters. On the basis of the results the physical-statistical model of formation of chemical composition of surface and ground waters is developed and the technique for defining background and extreme values of hydrogeochemical parameters is offered. It was approved by the data of hydrological and hydrogeochemical observations in basins of the average rivers of Siberia (Russian Federation) and the hydrogeochemi- cal data obtained in northern part of Vietnam. It was shown that: 1) hydrogeochemical parameters generally submit to log-normal distri- bution; 2) the expected value of substance concentration, approximated by average geometrical, can be considered as background value which reflects conditionally the equilibrium condition of the system water-rock in statistically homogeneous conditions; 3) the standard deviation of substance concentration is the linear function of corresponding average geometrical value and the coefficient ?f water runoff variation. Practical definition of background concentration of the dissolved substances is reduced to definition of a confi- dential interval for average geometrical, and extreme concentration is reduced to definition by the rule of two standard deviation for log-normal distribution. Thus: 1) the average geometrical is more than less annual water runoff; 2) borders of the interval extend at inc- rease in water runoff (total or ground) variation.

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