The Russian system of higher education in view of the Bologna process

A. Chuchalin, O. Boev, A. Kriushova

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The paper illustrates the system of higher education of the Russian Federation in view of implementation of the key aspects of the Bologna process. The problems existing in Russian higher education and the process of developing and modernising the system of higher education over the past fifteen years are highlighted. Some recent legislative initiatives aimed at reforming the national system of higher education in accordance with the main principles of the Bologna process are presented. The issues of quality assurance, in particular, differences between state and professional accreditation are discussed. The role of the Russian Association for Engineering Education in development of the national system for professional accreditation in engineering education as well as its contribution to setting up a pan-European system for quality assurance in engineering education being created within EHEA are described.

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ЖурналInternational Journal of Electrical Engineering Education
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