The propagation and ignition of the finely dispersed coal-water aerosol

Roman I. Egorov, Pavel P. Tkachenko, Roman I. Taburchinov, Arseniy O. Chulkov

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Transformation of the fine aerosol of coal-water slurry during the propagation in air was investigated experimentally. It was shown that most probable size of aerosol particles changes from 120μm to 270-280μm during the free space flight for 0.4 m together with deceleration from 800 mm/s to 550 mm/s. The low temperature ignition of such aerosol on the discussed propagation way was analysed using the simulation. It was shown that particles with sizes 50-200μm ignite inside the observed range of distances from the nozzle. The particles bigger than 50μm allows high enough heat production within the 1–1.5 m of the flight and, thus, the observed fine aerosol is fully appropriate for industrial purposes.

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