The process of modification of the aluminum hydroxides nanofibers during the synthesis

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In this paper studying results of oxidation reaction of electro explosive aluminum nanopowder in liquid water are represented. The interest of this reaction is related to its main product - oxyhydroxide of aluminum (AlOOH), which is characterized by high specific surface area and is used as a sorbent for the purification of water and gases. However, the selectivity of this material as a sorbent is not high and its application is limited by microbiological clearance. The main purpose of this paper is to improve the selectivity of the nanoflbrous AlOOH, which will expand the scope of its application and use it not only as a sorbent, but also as a catalyst. The idea of this work is to change the properties of AlOOH nanofibres by introducing into the structure of special additives. Modification of nanofibres additions can be made in the synthesis process, using as a medium not water but salt solutions containing the necessary metal cation. The salt solutions of MnSO4 x 5H2O with the different concentrations of manganese ions were used for the synthesis. The synthesis temperature was 60°C and the process be constant by 12 hours. The concentrations of manganese were 610-4 mol/l and 810-4 mol/l. The new materials, which were synthesized in solutions of salts, were visual differed from the initial nanofibres. For new materials specific surface area were measured by BET-analyzer «SorbiPrep», Russia. Restructuring of new materials were monitored by transmission electron microscope - JEM- JEM-2100F, Japan. The changes of phase composition was qualitatively confirmed by X-ray diffraction on a diffractometer XRD-7000S Shimadzu, Japan. It was shown that the specific surface structure and phase composition depends on the concentration of introduced impurities. It was found when the manganese concentration in solution is equal to 8-10-3 mol/l passivation of the surface source of aluminum nanopowder and complete cessation of the oxidation reaction of it in liquid water is observed.

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