The possibility of increasing the efficiency of CuBr lasers in the regime of double pump pulses

A. I. Fedorov, D. V. Shiyanov

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The results of studies of CuBr lasers operating in the regime of double pump pulses with a lasing pulse repetition rate of 50 Hz are presented. The potential to raise the laser efficiency by optimizing the parameters of the excitation pulse and matching it to the impedance of plasma of the active medium formed by the dissociation pump pulse is evaluated. It is demonstrated that the laser efficiency may be increased by several times if the excitation pulse parameters are optimized and the coordinated regime of introduction of the excitation pulse energy into the active medium plasma is used. A maximum laser efficiency of 1.2% with respect to the excitation pulse energy with an energy of 0.2 mJ, an average power of 10 mW, and a half-amplitude duration of lasing pulses of 30 ns is obtained at a time delay of 50 µs. The maximum average radiation power is 18.5 mW with an energy of 0.37 mJ and a laser efficiency of 0.7% for a specific energy of the dissociation (excitation) pulse of 26 (1.8) mJ/cm3.

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ЖурналTechnical Physics Letters
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