The oxygen-deficient TiO2 films deposited by a dual magnetron sputtering

Dmitrii V. Sidelev, Yury N. Yurjev, Valery Pavlovich Krivobokov, Evgenii V. Erofeev, Olga V. Penkova, Vadim A. Novikov

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This paper describes the deposition of the oxygen-deficient TiO2 films by the dual magnetron sputtering with different magnetic field configurations. The XRD survey and calculations of optical band gap demonstrate that the TiO2 films are polycrystalline with a mixture of anatase and rutile phases and have a low content of unbound Ti atoms. SEM and AFM investigations result in a columnar structure of the TiO2 films in the case of the mirror magnetic field configuration sputtering. For the closed configuration magnetic field, more intense ion bombardment of the growing films leads to the films densification. Optical and photocatalytic properties of the TiO2 films are strongly depended on the magnetic field configuration and determined by the films structure. The obtained results are interesting to modify the deposition technology of low-e coatings and solar materials.

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