The organization of a problem-based group learning session

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The outcomes of approbation and implementation of the advanced educational technology based on the project method of the group consisting of 15-25 students in the teaching process are presented. The concrete practical recommendations concerning the lessons conduction in the problem-based format are made. The lessons based on the problem-based principle encourage every student to take part in the cognitive activity. The stages of lessons conducting in the problem-oriented format with different level of sophistication (complexity degree) (the operation with the information in the form of entire (compact) text and test tasks) are considered. It was shown that the basic fragments of the content of the academic subject are better and more efficient to transform through logically constructed system of test tasks. Such technique allows to work with the whole group of students and gives an opportunity to every student to put the problem in accordance with the students viewing. The solution of the same problematic situation can be different and may lead to different ways of its solutions, where.

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