The model of direct dumping technology implementation for open pit coal mining by high benches

Maxim Tyulenev, Sergey Markov, Michal Cehlar, Sergey Zhironkin, Magerram Gasanov

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The article describes a problem of coal open pit sides designing with combined mining method (transport and direct dumping by high benches). The architecture of open pit sides implies solving the problems of decreasing coal open pits land capacity, application of direct dumping technology with internal dumping which increases coal mining economic and environmental efficiency. The main criteria defining the architecture of quarry sides for flat coal seams strata open-pit mining are general slope angle of internal multi-tier dump, the height of transport and direct dumping sub benches on the face side, the number of tiers and their height, the width of the berms on the dump site. The increase of benches’ height at open pits developing deposits with flat coal seams entails the use of a combined technology: transport and direct dumping to develop the upper and lower sub benches respectively. Therefore, it is necessary to advance methodology for calculating the parameters and indices of direct dumping technological schemes and find ways to increase the capacity of internal dumps and provide safety for open pit mining operations. As a result of research, the model of direct dumping technology implementation for open pits mining coal by high benches is presented in the article. The research was based on the data from Southern Kuzbass (Kemerovo region, Russia) coal deposits being developed by large open pits.

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