The method for the electron beam cross section measurement based on the detection of Cherenkov radiation in dielectric fiber

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The article describes a method to measure the electron beam cross section. This method is based on the registration of Cherenkov radiation intensity generated in a dielectric fiber during the interaction with fast electrons. A section of fiber optic cable serves as a detecting unit. The fiber is placed parallel to the direction, in which the electron beam propagates. The spatial distribution of the beam intensity is measured by means of the line-by-line fiber scanning of the beam in the plane being measured. Light photons are generated in the fiber and propagate along it, reaching the photomultiplier, which is used to record the photon intensity. The quantity of the electrons caught in the fiber is in direct proportion to the Cherenkov radiation intensity. This makes it possible to measure the beam cross section by the dependence of the photomultiplier output signal on the fiber location. Finally, the article describes a proof-of-principle experiment for this method carried out for a 5.7 MeV microtron electron beam and the obtained results.

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