The mathematical model of the broadband transmission x-ray thickness gauge

Sergei Osipov, Sergei Chakhlov, Daniyar Kairalapov, Oleg Osipov

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The mathematical model of the broadband transmission X-ray thickness gauge is developed. The mathematical model consists of sectors: generation and transformation of radiometric signals; equation of transmission X-ray thickness gauge; error estimation of thickness measurement; performance rating. The example of the use of the proposed model to calculate of the transmission X-ray thickness gauge for aluminum items is provided. In the example the dependences of integral mass X-ray attenuation coefficients and the thickness of monitored objects made from aluminum are calculated. The range of optimum measured thickness depending on the maximum X-ray energy was selected, the measurement time to provide the desired thickness measurement error was estimated. The possibility of measuring the thickness of a cooper test object for a wide beam conditions has been experimentally confirmed.

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