The influence of the surface microtexture on wettability properties and drop evaporation

S. Y. Misyura, G. V. Kuznetsov, D. V. Feoktistov, R. S. Volkov, V. S. Morozov, E. G. Orlova

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The influence of different microstructure of the surface of aluminum alloy on the free convection in the liquid and the evaporation of the water drop were studied experimentally. Various textures were created using laser surface treatment. The character of water drop evaporation on heated structured surfaces was compared with that on untreated rough surface. Velocity fields were measured using the Micro Particle Image Velocimetry (Micro PIV) method. A chemical analysis of sample surfaces in the cavity and in its vicinity was carried out. The effect of different textures on the wettability properties is shown. The evaporation rate of a drop depends on several competing factors: the diameter of the wetted drop spot, the drop height, the convection due to the surface thermocapillary forces, and the convection caused by the surface microstructures. The article also assesses the individual impact of these factors. The greatest intensification of convection and evaporation is associated with textures in the form of craters with a diameter of about 50–100 μm. The competing influence of several parameters leads to the need of their optimization. This paper demonstrates a general approach to such an optimization.

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