The Influence of Parameters on the Generatrix of the Helicoid Form Guide of Geokhod Bar Working Body

Vladimir Aksenov, Vladimir Sadovets, Dmitriy Pashkov

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Influence of geometrical parameters of generatrix of helicoid on a guide of geokhod bar working body is proved in article. The relevance of the conducted research is considered and proved. General characteristics of the geokhod are presented. Features of geokhod working body, in particular formation of irregular shape of a surface of a face and working body are formulated and also it is told that at screw movement of geokhod working body of a face, points of working body will be formed a helicoid (screw) surface of a face. For establishing of die goals and objectives of research general geometrical parameters of generatrix is marked and justified which treat length of generatrix, width of generatrix of helicoid. pitch of hehcoid and it's form. Forms of guides of geokhod bar working body based on basis parameters of geokhod and accepted general geometrical parameters of geokhod working body are received and presented. In virtue of the conducted research the dependence of a form of a guide of bar on general geometrical parameters of helicoid is defined and also basis parameters of hehcoid in influencing a form of guide of working body.

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Событие2nd International Innovative Mining Symposium, IIMS 2017 - Kemerovo, Российская Федерация
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