The influence of nickel layer thickness on microhardness and hydrogen sorption rate of commercially pure titanium alloy

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The influence of nickel coating thickness on microhardness and hydrogen sorption rate by commercially pure titanium alloy was established in this work. Coating deposition was carried out by magnetron sputtering method with prior ion cleaning of surface. It was shown that increase of sputtering time from 10 to 50 minutes leads to increase coating thickness from 56 to 3.78 μm. It was established that increase of nickel coating thickness leads to increase of microhardness at loads less than 0.5 kg. Microhardness values for all samples are not significantly different at loads 1 kg. Hydrogen content in titanium alloy with nickel layer deposited at 10 and 20 minutes exceeds concentration in initial samples on one order of magnitude. Further increasing of deposition time of nickel coating leads to decreasing of hydrogen concentration in samples due to coating delamination in process of hydrogenation.

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