The influence of nanoxide additives on the characteristics of thermal decomposition of ammonium nitrate

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Thermal decomposition of ammonium nitrate (NH4NO3) containing 5% (by weight) of catalytic additives in the form of metal oxides (NiO, CuO, Co2O3) has been studied. The experiment was performed by thermogravimetric analysis at a heating rate of 5°C/min to a maximum temperature of 800°C in argon atmosphere. Based on the results of DTA, physical and kinetic characteristics of thermal decomposition we analytically assessed. The addition of catalytic agents was found to lead to a decrease of onset temperature of active NH4NO3 decomposition, which promotes the reaction shift to the low-temperature region. The effect of the initiation additive manifested in a significant reduction of sample residence time within preheating stage (Δti = 5.2 min). In presence of catalytic additives the total time of thermal decomposition tf was found to decrease. The greatest change of Δtf (2.8 minutes) was recorded for the sample modified by addition of Co3O4. The maximum decrease of the average activation energy (for decomposition of 5%Co3O4/NH4NO3) was 14.2 kJ/mol.

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