The influence of characteristic scales of convection on non-isothermal evaporation of a thin liquid layer

S. Y. Misyura

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Here, the effect of convection in liquid on non-isothermal evaporation of a horizontal thin layer on a hot wall is investigated. It is considered that the evaporation rate of salts always decreases with the growth of salt concentration. Depending on the nature of evaporation rate, the aqueous salt solutions can be classified into two different types: (1) the equilibrium partial pressure of water vapor ps varies slightly with time; (2) with an increase in salt mass concentration, ps decreases many times, which leads to a sharp drop in evaporation rate j. The criteria for attributing the salt to characteristic types are proposed, and relation between j and thermodynamic properties of salt solutions is determined. Different approaches to modeling are proposed for each group. For the first time, a simple calculation method linking the Peclet and Marangoni criteria with convection in a liquid and non-stationary heat exchange is proposed. The analysis shows that it is impossible to simulate the heat transfer without knowing the local characteristics of the velocity field in the liquid phase and without clearly distinguishing the characteristic convective scales of the velocity and temperature fields. So far, it has been believed that the surface Marangoni flow can be neglected due to the negative impact of surfactants. However, the studies of this paper show that a noticeable increase in free convection relates to the thermal and solutal Marangoni flows. A strong influence of the Marangoni flow on liquid convection at high heat fluxes is extremely important for reliable simulation of layer evaporation in a wide range of modern technologies.

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