The hybrid model of VSC HVDC

Ruslan Ufa, Mikhail Andreev, Nikolay Ruban, Aleksey Suvorov, Alexander Gusev, Igor Razzhivin, Alisher Askarov, Yuly Bay, Anton Kievets, Natalya Lozinova, Olga Suslova

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The trend in semiconductor developments has made the high-voltage direct current (HVDC) technologies based on voltage source converters feasible. This type of convertor has a number of potential advantages compared with “classic” HVDC, but deep analysis should be carried out before its integration in electric power system. In this paper, the results of realization of the VSC HVDC model based on a concept of hybrid simulation of electric power system are presented. Hybrid concept combines three approaches of simulation: analog, digital and physical, combination of which allows to achieve a maximum efficiency. The obtained simulation results have confirmed an adequacy of the model and possibility to integrate it to the hybrid real-time simulator for carrying out various researches and analyses of the operation of large electric power system, including HVDC technologies, in real time without any decompositions and limitations.

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