The experimental researches of diesel generator set on variable speed

Sergey G. Obukhov, Igor A. Plotnikov

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Relevance of the research is determined by the need to improve the efficiency of diesel generator sets in the autonomous power supply systems to reduce the cost of electricity. The aim of the research is to prove experimentally the effectiveness of changing the operating modes of a diesel generator set from constant speed to variable speed and identify the mode panel. Research methods: experimental studies of a variable speed diesel generator set on the basis of a specially designed laboratory bench. Results. The authors proved that the change of operating modes of the diesel generator set to the variable mode with a fuel consumption, optimized by fuel rate, provides the following advantages: reduces mechanical losses and increases the efficiency of a diesel engine and generator for all load conditions, other than nominal; reduces fuel consumption; improves environmental measures and ergonomic characteristics by reducing noise and vibration.The similarity theory of internal combustion engines and electric drives, and similar results for specific fuel consumption obtained by other researchers, allow us to extend our conclusions to other diesel generator sets, naturally aspirated engines with the same range of capacities up to 60 kW. The authors obtained the universal functional dependence of the output voltage frequency of the generator set on the magnitude of power plant electrical load, which can be used in the design and creation of inverter type diesel generator sets. The experimental results allow stating the basic technical requirements for inverter control subsystem of diesel generator sets, determining the required physical variables which allow controlling the state of the object.

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