The Electrotechnical Complex of the KTM Tokamak Pulsed Power Supply System

D. B. Zarva, A. A. Deriglazov, E. G. Batyrbekov, I. L. Tazhibayeva, V. M. Pavlov, A. M. Li, A. A. Mezentsev, S. V. Merkulov, Yu N. Golobokov

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The pulsed power supply equipment belongs to the basic technological systems intended for implementing the required scenarios of changing currents in magnetic coils. The accuracy of implementing these scenarios directly determines the possibility of attaining the plasma breakdown and the required ultimate plasma parameters. Given the uniqueness of each facility under construction in the world and the installed capacity of the electrotechnical equipment applied in the power supply configuration, one can state with confidence that the construction of similar power supply complexes and their control systems, the optimization of their electrotechnical parameters, and the subsequent accident-free operation are vital tasks in mastering controlled thermonuclear fusion technologies. This paper describes the pulsed power supply system of the KTM tokamak (Kazakhstan) designed for material testing, the digital control system for its power conversion equipment, electrotechnical solutions adopted in the design of the KTM tokamak pulsed power supply system, and findings of tests of some items of equipment and their components. The tests have demonstrated sufficient efficiency of the adopted electrotechnical solutions and the possibility of applying them to implement the pulsed power supply systems for small and medium sized tokamaks.

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ЖурналPhysics of Atomic Nuclei
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