The effect of wetting hysteresis on drop spreading under gravity

O. A. Kabov, D. V. Zaitsev

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The article examines the effect of wetting hysteresis on drop spreading under gravity. On the other hand, a liquid drop on a solid substrate is the most simple and convenient object for investigating the phenomena of wetting and spreading. It can be seen that, in the modes under investigation, gravity substantially affects the drop shape. While the drop profile is a circular segment under conditions of microgravity, the drop is flattened at hypergravity and has the smallest height. The drop spreads over the substrate under the action of gravity. On the basis of the obtained information, it is possible to conclude that the use of a constant macroscopic contact angle as a boundary condition for the hydrodynamic equations describing the motion of a fluid with three phase contact lines is reasonably justified in the case of surfaces with a small contact angle hysteresis.

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