The effect of plasma torch weaving on microstructural evolution in multiple-pass plasma-transferred arc Fe-Cr-V-Mo-C coating

S. F. Gnyusov, A. S. Degterev, S. Yu Tarasov

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Microstructural evolution, hardness and abrasive wear resistance of plasma-transferred arc (PTA) multipass Fe-Cr-V-Mo-C coatings deposited using plasma source weaving has been investigated. As shown, the deposited metal contains structurally different as-deposited clad zone and reheated zone. There are reheated zones formed between the coating beads and between microbeads formed due to weaving mode deposition (WPTA). Both types of zones contain eutectic carbide recrystallization and incomplete melting regions. No high-martensite, low wear resistance high-tempered region inherent to standard multipass PTA deposition has been found. The overall wear resistance of the coating has been improved as compared to the PTA version.

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