The effect of fast neutrons on the conductance of single-crystal silicon

V. A. Varlachev, E. S. Solodovnikov

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The dependence of variation of the specific conductance of single-crystal silicon on the fast neutron fluence is calculated. The results of calculations are compared with the experimental data obtained in two channels of an IRT-T reactor with different neutron spectra. These experimental data are also discussed. The fast neutron fluence was controlled using threshold sulfur activation detectors. The specific electrical resistance was measured by a 4-probe method. The calculation data are in good agreement with experiment and show that the variation of the specific conductance due to exposure to fast neutrons is in direct proportion to the fluence of these neutrons. The proportionality coefficient depends on the neutron spectrum, but is independent of the initial specific conductance. In so doing, it makes no difference, whether silicon was previously irradiated or not.

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ЖурналRussian Physics Journal
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