The effect of Ce3+ ions on the spectral and decay characteristics of luminescence phosphate-borate glasses doped with rare-earth ions

D. T. Valiev, Elena Fedorovna Polisadova, K. N. Belikov, N. L. Egorova

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The luminescent characteristics of Li2O-B2O 3-P2O5-CaF2 (LBPC) glasses doped with Gd3+ and Tb3+ ions and codoped with Ce3+ are studied by pulsed optical spectrometry under electron beam excitation. It is found that in glass with Ce3+ and Gd3+ ions a decrease in the decay time of gadolinium luminescence in the 312-nm band (6 P J8 S 7/2) was observed. It is shown that in the glass LBPC: Tb, Ce, an increase in the emission intensity in the main radiative transitions in terbium ion was observed. In the kinetics of luminescence band 545 nm of LBPC: Tb, Ce glasses, is present stage of buildup, the character of which changes with the doped of Ce3+ ions. The mechanism of energy transfer in LBP glasses doped with rare elements is discussed.

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ЖурналOptics and Spectroscopy (English translation of Optika i Spektroskopiya)
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