The Current of an Annular Electron Beam with Virtual Cathode in a Drift Tube

S. Ya Belomyttsev, A. A. Grishkov, S. D. Korovin, V. V. Ryzhov

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An analysis based on the laws of conservation of energy and the z components of the field and particle momentum shows that a thin magnetized annular electron beam in a homogeneous drift tube behind a virtual cathode under stationary conditions occurs in a "squeezed" state corresponding to a slow left-hand branch of the current characteristic with a relativistic factor in the interval 1 ≤ γ ≤ Γ1/3. The beam current I1 behind the virtual cathode in a homogeneous drift tube can vary from zero up to a limiting value Ilim, while the injection currents (I2) and the current of electrons reflected from the virtual cathode (I3) for every stationary state are single-valued functions of I1 and fall within the intervals I F/2 ≤ I2 ≤ Ilim and 0 ≤ I3 ≤ IF/2, respectively, where IF is the Fedosov current.

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ЖурналTechnical Physics Letters
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