The current of an annular electron beam behind virtual cathode

S. Ya Belomyttsev, A. A. Grishkov, S. A. Kitsanov, S. D. Korovin, S. D. Polevin, V. V. Ryzhov

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The output current I(out) of a magnetized annular electron beam transported in a homogeneous drift tube of a SINUS-7 setup has been studied as a function of the injected beam current I(inj). The electron beam was injected via an anode inset of smaller radius and had a current above the Fedosov limit for the given drift tube (I(inj) ≥ I(F)). It is established that, to within the experimental uncertainty, a virtual cathode (VC) is formed when the injected beam current exceeds the corresponding limiting I(lim). In this state, the current transmitted behind VC is approximately equal to the limiting value (I(out) ≈ I(lim)).

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ЖурналTechnical Physics Letters
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    Belomyttsev, S. Y., Grishkov, A. A., Kitsanov, S. A., Korovin, S. D., Polevin, S. D., & Ryzhov, V. V. (2005). The current of an annular electron beam behind virtual cathode. Technical Physics Letters, 31(1), 55-57.