The CCI effect on system performance in kappa-mu fading channels

Mihajlo Stefanovic, Sinisa Minic, Sasa Nikolic, Stefan R. Panic, Milos Peric, Dragan Radenkovic, Milan Gligorijevic

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Co-channel interference influence on the system performances of wireless communication system operating over kappa-mu fading channels is examined in this work. Closed-form expressions are derived for bit error rates over some coherent and non-coherent frequency and phase- shift keying modulation schemes in interference limited system. Selection diversity reception effect on the performance improvement for various values of fading severity is also investigated.

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ЖурналTechnics Technologies Education Management
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Stefanovic, M., Minic, S., Nikolic, S., Panic, S. R., Peric, M., Radenkovic, D., & Gligorijevic, M. (2012). The CCI effect on system performance in kappa-mu fading channels. Technics Technologies Education Management, 7(1), 88-92.