The capacitive magnetic field sensor

D. O. Zyatkov, A. V. Yurchenko, V. B. Balashov, V. I. Yurchenko

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The results of a study of sensitive element magnetic field sensor are represented in this paper. The sensor is based on the change of the capacitance with an active dielectric (ferrofluid) due to the magnitude of magnetic field. To prepare the ferrofluid magnetic particles are used, which have a followingdispersion equal to 50 <≤ <56, 45 <≤ <50, 40 <≤ <45 and ≤ <40micron of nanocrystalline alloy of brand 5BDSR. The dependence of the sensitivity of the capacitive element from the ferrofluid with different dispersion of magnetic particles is considered. The threshold of sensitivity and sensitivity of a measuring cell with ferrofluid by a magnetic field was determined. The experimental graphs of capacitance change of the magnitude of magnetic field are presented.

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ЖурналJournal of Physics: Conference Series
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