In this paper, the kinetic analysis of Li-Zn ferrite synthesis was studied using thermogravimetry (TG) method through the simultaneous application of non-linear regression to several measurements run at different heating rates (multivariate non-linear regression). Using TG-curves obtained for the four heating rates and Netzsch Thermokinetics software package, the kinetic models with minimal adjustable parameters were selected to quantitatively describe the reaction of Li-Zn ferrite synthesis. It was shown that the experimental TG-curves clearly suggest a two-step process for the ferrite synthesis and therefore a model-fitting kinetic analysis based on multivariate non-linear regressions was conducted. The complex reaction was described by a two-step reaction scheme consisting of sequential reaction steps. It is established that the best results were obtained using the Yander three-dimensional diffusion model at the first stage and Ginstling-Bronstein model at the second step. The kinetic parameters for lithium-zinc ferrite synthesis reaction were found and discussed.

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Событие11th International Scientific Conference on Radiation-Thermal Effects and Processes in Inorganic Materials 2015, RTEP 2015 - Tomsk, Российская Федерация
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