This paper is devoted to the study of the gradient temperature field dynamics and distribution in the metal targets irradiated with high-intensity beams of gas ions. The investigations concerned ion implantation modes with the ion beam current density from several tens of mA/cm2 up to A/cm2 were presented. The ion beam power was varied due to the change of ion energy in the range from 0.6 to several keV and the pulse duty factor in the range of 0.2–0.8. The integral temperature of the target was measured with an electrically isolated thermocouple. To measure the dynamic change in the local temperature on the irradiated surface of target a high-temperature pulsed pyrometer KLEIBER 740-LO was used. Analysis of the experimental data obtained with the use of electrically isolated thermocouple, pulsed pyrometer, and numerical simulation revealed the presence of significant gradient temperature fields both over the surface and along the depth of targets irradiated by high-intensity ion beams.

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