Temperature Fields of Two-Liquid Droplets Moving in Preheated Medium before Micro-Explosive Fragmentation

D. V. Antonov, G. V. Kuznetsov, R. M. Fedorenko, A. S. Filatova

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Abstract: The paper present experimental results for temperature fields inheterogeneous droplets of liquids, freely falling in a preheated gaseousmedium, before their micro-explosive fragmentation. The opticaltechnique of Planar Laser Induced Fluorescence was applied. Unlike theknown results of other authors, such fields were obtained for the firsttime without using holders for droplets, the latter heated in thetemperature range of 900Cto 1100C.The aim was to approach promising gas-vapor-droplet technologies. It isshown that for micro-explosive disintegration of a droplet containing aflammable component (by the example of Diesel and oils of two grades)and water, the necessary and sufficient condition is that the waterreaches the boiling point. In this case, local superheating of theinter-component interface is sufficient. Motion intensifies thetransformation of droplet and its subsequent destruction with appearanceof polydisperse cloud.

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ЖурналJournal of Engineering Thermophysics
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