Temperature dependence of anomalous Rutherford scattering of fast electrons in crystals

A. A. Vorob'ev, V. V. Kaplin, S. A. Vorob'ev, D. E. Popov

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In contrast to the channeling of positively charged particles, the effect of the crystal temperature on orientational scattering of fast electrons has not been investigated up to now. Only in [1] did they observe a decrease in the efficiency of the inverse scattering of β--particles upon the heating of <100> KCl and KBr crystals, which they explained by a decrease in the efficiency of "focusing" of the electrons on chains of atoms. In this article the effect of thermal vibrations of atoms on the interaction of electrons with single crystals is discussed within the framework of the model of bound states of fast electrons with atomic arrays and crystal planes, which consistently explains both the high penetration of particles into the lattice and the anomalous Rutherford scattering under channeling conditions [2, 3]. Detailed discussion is carried out for <111> and (100) Si crystals and electron energy E=(1.0-1.5) MeV.

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