Technology and equipment for processing of large-sized vermiculite micas of the kovdor deposit

A. I. Nizhegorodov, A. N. Gavrilin, B. B. Moyzes, K. A. Kuvshinov

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The development of technology and equipment for the processing of large-sized vermiculite mica obtained from mining waste from the Kovdorsky deposit allows the large-scale vermiculite to be returned to processing industry. This article reviews the aspects of the technology for processing of large-sized mica with dimensions of 20 mm or more. The aim of the research is to study the grinding technology of large-sized vermiculite raw materials by the chopping overall particles, to develop the technological equipment and to study of its operating processes. The object of the research is the operating process of the chopping unit for grinding the large-sized vermiculite raw materials and its design. The methods are based on study of simulated movement of chopped large-sized particles and the determination of the main characteristics of the chipping unit operating process. It was found that the firing of large particles without grinding in chopping units requires a significant increase in firing time, which reduces the productivity of electric furnaces. The time of dropping particles out in the slot of the receiving drums of the chopping unit is determined, based on which the rotation speed of the receiving drums and its operational efficiency are calculated.

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