Technological characteristics of glauconite rocks in Bakchar deposit (Western Siberia)

M. A. Rudmin, A. K. Mazurov, B. I. Makarov, I. V. Reva

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Glauconite-containing rocks found within the boundaries of the Bakchar deposit includethe following: glauconite ores (glauconitolite), glauconite sandstone, hydrogoethite-chlorite, iron ores with glauconite. Glauconite content in glauconite ores is 50..70 %, in glauconite sandstone-20..40 %, in hydrogoethite-chlorite ores-10..20 %. This paper describes the technological characteristics of glauconite rocks. The authors proposed the optimal technological scheme of producing glauconite concentrate. It has been defined that the most highly-qualified product with commercial components 90..100 % is recovered from glauconite ores. It has been evaluated that Bakchar glauconite is applicable as a favorable mineral fertilizer based on the concentrate produced from enriched hydrogoethite-chlorite ores. Experimentally, it has been proved that this concentrate has a positive effect on the growth of oats (Avéna satíva). This is a direct indicator of its practical applicability. Obtained results indicate the fact that the extraction and application of Bakchar glauconite could be widely used in agriculture.

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