Systematic few-body analysis of ηd, η He 3, and η He 4 interaction at low energies SYSTEMATIC FEW-BODY ANALYSIS of ηd, ⋯ A. FIX and O. KOLESNIKOV

A. Fix, O. Kolesnikov

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The Alt-Grassberger-Sandhas N-body theory is used to study interaction of η mesons with d, He3, and He4. Separable expansion of the subamplitudes is adopted to convert the integral equations into the quasi-two-body form. The resulting formalism is applied to fit the existing data for low-energy η production of few-nucleon targets. On the basis of this fitting procedure the scattering lengths aηd, aηHe3, aηHe4 as well as the subthreshold behavior of the elementary ηN scattering amplitude are obtained.

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