Synthesis of substituted chloroacetylenes from methyl ketones

S. F. Vasilevskii, A. N. Sinyakov, M. S. Shvartsberg, I. L. Kotlyarevskii

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1. Depending on the conditions, the reaction of methyl aryl ketones with phosphorus pentachloride leads to products from substitution of the carbonyl oxygen by chlorine, αβ-dichlorovinylarenes, or compounds with higher degrees of chlorination. 2. By eliminating a molecule of hydrogen chloride under the influence of an equimolar amount of sodium amide in ammonia, substituted, α,β-dichloroethylenes give high yields of the respective 2-chloroacetylene. 3. The synthesis of a series of ethynyl- and β-chloroethynylpyrazoles from methylpyrazolyl ketones was realized.

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ЖурналBulletin of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR Division of Chemical Science
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