Synthesis of ethynylindoles

M. S. Shvartsberg, S. F. Vasilevskii, T. A. Prikhod'ko

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1. Iodine at C-2 and C-3 in the N-methylindole ring are substituted by acetylenic groups under conditions of Pd-Cu catalysis. Condensation of 2-iodo- and 3-iodo-N-methylindole with 2-methyl-3-butyn-2-ol and subsequent cleavage of the indolylacetylenic alcohols yield 2-ethynyl- and 3-ethynyl-N-methylindoles. The condensation of 1-(3′-iodo-1′-methyl-2′-indolyl)-3-methyl-1-butyn-3-ol with 2-methyl-3-butyn-2-ol and subsequent cleavage of the resultant alcohol yield 2,3-diethynyl-N-methylindole. 2. o-Aminophenylacetylenic compounds are cyclized to yield 2-acetylenylindoles. The condensation of o-iodoaniline with 2-methyl-3,5-hexadiyn-2-ol, cyclization of the aminophenyldiacetylene obtained, and alkaline cleavage of the acetylenic alcohol yield 2-ethynylindole.

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