Synthesis of cordierite using additives of nanodispersed aluminum

O. V. Nevvonen, T. A. Khabas, V. I. Vereshchagin, A. A. Kirchanov, S. V. Vergunova, N. A. Kulikovskaya

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Process of synthesis of cordierite has been considered. Investigations of influence of nanodispersed powder of aluminum on the process and cordierite ceramic sintering have been performed. The ceramic material is formed from plastic water-containing masses. Effect of the activating action of additives of the aluminum on synthesis of cordierite phase has been determined. Introduction of preliminarily synthesized additives containing the aluminum nitride promotes increase in total porosity and maintaining of channel open porosity. The material has been produced which can be used for manufacturing the carriers of catalysts.

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ЖурналOgneupory i Tekhnicheskaya Keramika
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СостояниеОпубликовано - 21 сен 2005

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    Nevvonen, O. V., Khabas, T. A., Vereshchagin, V. I., Kirchanov, A. A., Vergunova, S. V., & Kulikovskaya, N. A. (2005). Synthesis of cordierite using additives of nanodispersed aluminum. Ogneupory i Tekhnicheskaya Keramika, (1), 29-33.