Synthesis by combustion of high-emission materials containing lanthanum and boron

B. I. Boiko, A. V. Dobrynin, O. Yu Dolmatov, B. E. Kadlubovich, I. V. Shamanin

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High-current electron beams in the explosion emission regime in accelerated technology are produced in many cases using standard single-compound cathodes produced usually from graphite, tungsten, steel, etc. However, under experimental conditions these cathodes generate beams with a number of unstable and relatively low characteristics, such as released energy, uniformity of the layer of cathode plasma, and the running in time of the layer of near-cathode plasma. One of the methods of increasing the efficiency of accelerator technology could be the development of new types of explosion-emission materials, including those based on multicomponent compounds resulting in more stable and high parameters of operation of electron accelerators.

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ЖурналPowder Metallurgy and Metal Ceramics
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