Synthesis and properties of nickel/carbon nanotube nanocomposites via the electrical explosion of wire in liquid and spark plasma sintering method

Minh Thuyet Nguyen, Hong Hai Nguyen, Won Joo Kim, Vladimir An, Jin Chun Kim

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Nickel-carbon nanotube (CNT-Ni) composite powders were successfully synthesized by electrical explosion of Ni wire in an ethanoic-CNT suspension as an ambient condition. The as-prepared CNT-Ni composite powders were then dried, heated at 400°C in a H2/CO2 environment, completely sintered by using spark plasma sintering at 1100°C (with a heating rate of 50°C/min from room temperature) for 10 min under a pressure of 50 MPa in vacuum condition. According to Ranma spectroscopy analysis, the structure of CNTs was not changed after sintering process. A hardness of 3.0 wt.% CNT-Ni composite was improved up to 30.04% compared to pure Ni, but this enhanced hardness was not achieved when the concentrations of CNTs up to 5.0 wt.%, thus setting an empirical reinforcing limit. The main strengthening mechanism for this could be explained by the Hall-Petch effect. The vibrating sample magnetometer analysis results showed that the as-synthesized nickel-carbon nanotube composites were soft ferromagnetic materials.

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ЖурналJournal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
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