Synthesis and properties of nanocrystalline CsI

S. O. Klimonsky, K. F. Sheberstov, A. E. Gol'Dt, A. S. Sinitskii, V. Yu Yakovlev, L. N. Trefilova

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The structure and properties of fine CsI powders prepared by spray pyrolysis and synthetic opal (SiO 2) based composites containing CsI in their pores have been studied by electron microscopy, X-ray diffraction, and luminescence spectrometry. The powders consisted of nanocrystalline particles which increased in size from 35 to 55 nm with increasing pyrolysis temperature. In the opal/CsI composites, the CsI nanocrystallites were about 45-50 nm in size and formed a single three-dimensional network between the SiO 2 spheres. In going from bulk crystals to their nanocrystalline analogs, the size effect on CsI luminescence leads to a reduction in luminescence yield, a redshift of the emission bands of the on-center and off-center self-trapped excitons (STEs), and an increase in the contribution of the off-center STEs to the net intrinsic emission yield. The emission decay kinetics of the off-center STEs is insensitive to the crystallite size.

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