Supersymmetric higher Spin models in three dimensional spaces

Ioseph L. Buchbinder, Timofey V. Snegirev, Yurii M. Zinoviev

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We review the component Lagrangian construction of the supersymmetric higher spin models in three-dimensional (3D) Minkowski and anti de Sitter (AdS) spaces. The approach is based on the frame-like gauge-invariant formulation, where massive higher spin fields are realized through a system of massless ones. We develop a supersymmetric generalization of this formulation to the Lagrangian construction of the on-shell N = 1, 3D higher spin supermultiplets. In 3D Minkowski space, we show that the massive supermultiplets can be constructed from one extended massless supermultiplet by adding the mass terms to the Lagrangian and the corresponding corrections to the supertransformations of the fermionic fields. In 3D AdS space, we construct massive supermultiplets using a formulation of the massive fields in terms of the set of gauge-invariant objects (curvatures) in the process of their consistent supersymmetric deformation.

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