Supergraph analysis of the one-loop divergences in 6D, N=(1,0) and N=(1,1) gauge theories

I. L. Buchbinder, E. A. Ivanov, B. S. Merzlikin, K. V. Stepanyantz

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We study the one-loop effective action for 6D, N=(1,0) supersymmetric Yang–Mills (SYM) theory with hypermultiplets and 6D, N=(1,1) SYM theory as a subclass of the former, using the off-shell formulation of these theories in 6D, N=(1,0) harmonic superspace. We develop the corresponding supergraph technique and apply it to compute the one-loop divergences in the background field method ensuring the manifest gauge invariance. We calculate the two-point Green functions of the gauge superfield and the hypermultiplet, as well as the three-point gauge-hypermultipet Green function. Using these Green functions and exploiting gauge invariance of the theory, we find the full set of the off-shell one-loop divergent contributions, including the logarithmic and power ones. Our results precisely match with those obtained earlier in [1,2] within the proper time superfield method.

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