Superdeep penetration of the matter from high-speed plasma flux into the metal obstacle

A. A. Sivkov, A. P. Il'in, A. M. Gromov, N. V. Bychin

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The possibility of producing the high-grade Cu and stainless steel coatings 100 μm in thickness on metal substrates with the help of a high-speed plasma flow created by hybrid magnet-plasma accelerator is shown. Using the accelerator with Ti electrodes due to titanium carbide dynamic synthesis, a composite TiC + Ti coating with thickness up to 1 mm was deposited on a steel substrate. Effect of superdeep penetration of the plasma flow substance in a steel substrate on depth up to 350 μm on the channels of ≈1 mm in diameter, and also essential change of a substrate microstructure and increase of its microhardness on 25% is confirmed. Effect of superdeep penetration is explained within the framework of the classical theory of cumulation due to cumulative jets penetration.

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