Superconformal N = 3 SYM low-energy effective action

I. L. Buchbinder, E. A. Ivanov, I. B. Samsonov, B. M. Zupnik

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    We construct a manifestly N = 3 supersymmetric low-energy effective action of N = 3 super Yang-Mills theory. The effective action is written in the N = 3 harmonic superspace and respects the full N = 3 superconformal symmetry. On mass shell this action is responsible for the four-derivative terms in the N = 4 SYM effective action, such as F 4/X 4 and its supersymmetric completions, while off shell it involves also higherderivative terms. For constant Maxwell and scalar fields its bosonic part coincides, up to the F 6/X 8 order, with the bosonic part of the D3 brane action in the AdS 5 × S 5 background. We also argue that in the sector of scalar fields it involves the correctly normalized Wess-Zumino term with the implicit SU(3) symmetry.

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