Successful implementation of reproductive function in women after radical trachelectomy

Alyena L. Chernyshova, Larisa A. Kolomiets, Vladimir I. Chernov, Viktor E. Gyunter, Ekaterina S. Marchenko, Natalia V. Artymuk, Alla V. Karmanova, Tatiana V. Skorokhodova

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Background. The priority area of modern oncology is to develop and introduce organ-sparing treatments for patients of reproductive age. Case report. The paper describes a case of successful implementation of reproductive function in a patient with invasive cervical cancer after laparoscopic radical trachelectomy using high-tech diagnostic and treatment techniques. The sentinel lymph nodes were detected applying the innovative radiopharmaceutical Alotech by means of a Rad Pointer laparoscopic gamma scanner. A uterine obturator was intraoperatively formed usinga titanium nickelide shape memory implant. The result of the study was a full-term pregnancy and successful delivery via cesarean section. Conclusion. The recommendations for a follow-up and delivery were formulated in this category of patients.

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ЖурналAkusherstvo i Ginekologiya (Russian Federation)
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