Subwavelength, standing-wave optical trap based on photonic jets

I. V. Minin, Oleg V. Minin, V. Pacheco-Pena, M. Beruete

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We propose a new modification of a subwavelength, standing-wave optical trap based on photonic jets formed in the 'reflection' regime. The results of the numerical calculations of the electromagnetic field intensity of the generated photonic jet modulated by antinodes of the standing wave are presented. In contrast to known schemes, in the subwavelength optical trap in question, the minimum size of the focusing spot is determined by the width of the generated photonic jet rather than by the focusing lens parameters. A decrease in the diameter of the photonic jet waist compared with the size of the waist in the focus of the lens leads to an increase in the energy density in the focal region.

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ЖурналQuantum Electronics
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