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The article describes the test results of a submicrosecond electron accelerator based on a high-voltage pulse transformer. The transformer uses a self-supporting coil design with transformer oil insulation, which ensures high reliability of the device. A transformer-based high-voltage generator produces voltage pulses with an amplitude up to 475 kV, a pulse duration of 0.25 μs (FWHM) with a repetition rate up to 5 pps. A vacuum electron diode with a carbon fiber cathode is installed directly at the generator output and provides electron beam current amplitude up to 1.5 kA in the accelerating gap. An exit window with a titanium membrane 60μm thick is used to output the electron beam into the atmosphere. The exit window can be replaced by a converter to generate pulsed bremsstrahlung X-rays. The accelerator is designed to carry out research in the fields of studying the properties of materials in extreme conditions and the practical application of a pulsed electron beam.

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