Submarine fan reservoir architecture and heterogeneity influence on hard-to-recover reserves. Achimov Fm

A. Kondratyev, V. Rukavishnikov, L. Shakirzyanov, K. Maksyutin

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Due to the fact that simulation model calculation is the basic method used for estimating the efficiency of a development strategy, it is necessary to design geological and simulation models within which reservoir properties and heterogeneity are defined. In addition, the estimation of the influence of various kinds of geological uncertainties on reservoir properties will allow defining a more effective development strategy. The Achimov formation of the Vingapur oil field was considered in the current study. The northern part of the field is now quite attractive for the development of this formation. The goal of this paper was the complex investigation of petrophysical properties to make a prognosis for the field and assess the effect of geologic uncertainties on production. The first step implied studying the western part of the field where core data are available, the next stage was developing an algorithm to make a prognosis for properties and the geologic and reservoir simulation models were eventually constructed to study the effect of geologic uncertainties in the northern part. As the result of the sedimentary analysis, a model of deposition was defined within which structural elements were also determined. On the basis of wireline and core data analysis, the petrophysical model of the reservoir was build where the method of Rock Types identification using specific cut-off values for wireline logs was applied for the evaluations. In addition to this, the Hydraulic Flow unit approach was employed, which allowed estimating the less extensively explored areas of the field where core had not been retrieved from. Also, this paper provides the results of the seismic attribute analysis and calculations in order to characterize uncertainty in cumulative oil production under the influence of petrophysical and geological heterogeneity.

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