Sub-micrometer transverse beam size diagnostics using optical transition radiation

K. Kruchinin, A. Aryshev, P. Karataev, B. Bolzon, T. Lefevre, S. Mazzoni, M. Shevelev, S. T. Boogert, L. J. Nevay, N. Terunuma, J. Urakawa

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Optical transition radiation (OTR) arising when a relativistic charged particle crosses a boundary between two media with different optical properties is widely used as a tool for diagnostics of particle beams in modern accelerator facilities. The resolution of the beam profile monitors based on OTR depends on different effects of the optical system such as spherical and chromatic aberrations and diffraction. In this paper we present a systematic study of the different optical effects influencing the OTR beam profile monitor resolution. Obtained results have shown that such monitors can be used for sub-micrometer beam profile diagnostics. Further improvements and studies of the monitor are discussed.

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ЖурналJournal of Physics: Conference Series
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СостояниеОпубликовано - 2014
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Событие10th International Symposium on Radiation from Relativistic Electrons in Periodic Structures, RREPS 2013, Merged with 3rd International Conference on Electron, Positron, Neutron and X-Ray Scattering under External Influences, Meghri 2013 - Lake Sevan, Армения
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    Kruchinin, K., Aryshev, A., Karataev, P., Bolzon, B., Lefevre, T., Mazzoni, S., Shevelev, M., Boogert, S. T., Nevay, L. J., Terunuma, N., & Urakawa, J. (2014). Sub-micrometer transverse beam size diagnostics using optical transition radiation. Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 517(1), [012011].