Study of the properties of Plessey's electrocardiographic capacitive electrodes for portable systems

A. A. Uvarov, Inna Alexeevna Lezhnina, K. V. Overchuk, A. S. Starchak, Sh D. Akhmedov, I. A. Larioshina

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Cardiac diseases are still most widely spread in all regions of the world. And more and more devices are invented to satisfy increasing requirements of the patients. One of the perspective technologies in cardiac diagnostics is capacitive sensing ECG electrodes. This article describes a study of the properties of electrocardiographic capacitive electrodes PS25255 from Plessey Semiconductors for portable systems as well as some undocumented parameters of these sensors. We developed special cardiograph using Plessey's electrodes and applied to the number of patients with ischemic heart disease. We paid our attention mostly to the correct transition of the ST segment as it has critical impact on the diagnostics of ischemic heart disease.

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ЖурналJournal of Physics: Conference Series
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